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令和元年度_冬期休業中のスクールバスの運行予定 >>

Schedule of school bus service during winter vacation

This is the school bus schedule from Thursday, December 19 to Tuesday, January 14.

2019.12. 6 更新

大学入試改革情報 ~ 1・2年生の大学進学希望者の皆さんへ ~





  【実例】 P7を参照   徳島大学2021年度入試で導入予定の「調査書加点制度」 >>


 また、「主体性」評価に伴って、注目されているのが、高校生活の学びの記録などを記入・記録する「eポートフォリオ」である。 Webサイトに学習や活動を記録するシステムであり、大学入試において、学力の3要素である「主体性を持って多様な人々と協働して学ぶ態度」を適切に評価し、多面的・総合的評価の実現に貢献することを目指している。

 しかし、「主体性」評価について2021年度入試から比重が高まりつつあり、「eポートフォリオ」の活用も含め、各大学の動向に注意しておきたい。 (東進 進学情報より抜粋)


進路だより N0.29より

Information on university entrance reform
 For 1st and 2nd grade students who want to go to university

*Introduction of "spot addition" and "additional points for investigation"

In the 'Advance notice on the review of the guidelines for the selection of university students' of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in July 2017, improvement of subjects in general entrance examinations was described as "In addition to the written test, the GOJ will encourage the active use of survey papers and data written by applicants themselves in order to more positively evaluate 'An attitude to learn in cooperation with diverse people with independence'. Based on the policies of each university regarding the acceptance of new students, each university shall clearly state in its application guidelines how to utilize the survey report and materials written by the applicant." and efforts are required for each university to evaluate "identity".

Saga University in Kyushu introduced the "spot bonus system" in the general entrance examination of its science and engineering and agriculture departments in the 2019 academic year, in which the "identity" is used to judge acceptance or rejection. It is an original system for the purpose of improving the aggressiveness of the applicants and evaluating their independent activities after entering high school. Application is optional, and if no application is made, acceptance or rejection is judged only on the sum of the Center Test and the individual test. There are no particular restrictions on the content of applications as long as they are voluntary activities or achievements.

In the future, some other universities will hold "additional point system for survey" in some faculties, departments, and majors from 2021.

*Record and entry of high school studies

In addition, along with the evaluation of "ePortfolio" the "identity" which records and records the study of high school life has attracted attention. It is a system for recording learning and activities on a website, and aims to contribute to the realization of multifaceted and comprehensive evaluations by appropriately evaluating "An attitude to learn in cooperation with diverse people with independence" which is 3 elements of academic achievement in university entrance examinations.

According to the announcement of the entrance examination in 2021, the method of evaluation of "identity" differs depending on the university, such as submission of materials written by applicants, scoring of survey reports, interviews, etc., and "ePortfolio" is not necessarily required.
However, as the weight of the evaluation of "identity" has been increasing since the entrance examination in 2021, it is necessary to pay attention to the trend of each university including the utilization of "ePortfolio". (Excerpt from information on advancing to the east)

Based on the above, I recommend that those who are considering going to university or those who are in the 1st and 2nd grades, whose career path is not yet decided, go ahead and experience various activities. In order to avoid the situation that you can't achieve your desired career or apply for when you become a 3rd grade student, let's actively work on what you can do now so that you don't say "I have nothing to write on the paper.".

News from No.29 career guidance

2019.12. 5 更新

~2年生へ~ 英検S-CBTの予約申し込み

以前の進路だよりや、2学年の学年集会等でお知らせしていた英語検定に関する続報です。日本英語検定協会から、11月20日(水)に「2020年度『英検2020 1day S-CBT』の対応につきまして」というお知らせが発表されました。

それによると、①予約申し込みをした人は継続して受験が可能、 ②予約申し込みをした人は予約金の3000円を全額返金する、③これから予約申し込みをしたい人は受け付ける、という内容に分けられて説明がありました。①と③については「資格取得のチャンスとして有効」ということが言えます。



Eiken S-CBT Reservation Application - After that - To 2nd grade

This is a follow-up report on the English proficiency test that was announced at the school year meeting for the second grade, and so on. On Wednesday, November 20, the Japan Institute of English Proficiency announced that "Measures for Fiscal 2020 'English examination 2020 1 day S-CBT'".

According to it, the explanation was divided into the following: (1) the person who applied for the reservation can continue to take the examination, (2) the person who applied for the reservation will refund the full 3000 yen of the reservation money, and (3) the person who wants to apply for the reservation from now will accept it. As for 1 and 3, we can say, "Useful as an opportunity to acquire qualifications".

Even if you have already applied, "cancellation of application" will be accepted from the dedicated site from 30: 16 on Tuesday, December 3, 2019 to 17: 00 on Tuesday, December 24. Whether you take the test as one of the qualifications or cancel it without taking the test, both of them require a procedure, so please understand the period and proceed without omission.

Also, if you take the examination, it is expected to be held on Saturday and Sunday from April, so you need to check the schedule of club activities and mock examination.

2019.12. 4 更新




2nd-year Career Study Meeting and Orientation by Career Path

On Saturday, December 7 <school day for all 2nd graders>, we will hold the 2nd grade academic year's vocational guidance course for all the 2nd grade students.

On that day, more than 30 teachers from higher education schools such as universities will come. Since almost all the classrooms in the school building are used as the venue, the second grade students of various classes use the classrooms of all the students.

2019.12. 3 更新

3年 早期合格者ガイダンス


●実施日時:12月3日(火) 11:10~12:00
●持参物: 筆記用具、進路の手引き

Guidance for Early career decision maker for 3rd-year students

This guidance will be given to third-year students whose career path has been decided so far. Students going on to higher education will be held in 1st Gym, and students getting jobs will be held in Sky Hall.  Try to use it as a guideline for your life and actions in the future.

●Date and time: Tuesday, December 3 (Sat) 11: 10 ~ 12: 00
 1st Gym with the supplement for those who want to go on to higher education
 Sky Hall with the supplement for those who want to get a job
●Bring Your Own Items: Writing Tools, Guide to the Path

2019.12. 2 更新


尚志学園の前身である 福島高等予備校 >> が、1959年(昭和34年)12月に尚志学園が開校し、60周年を迎えました。










Here is a passage from the book written by Makoto Sato, the founder of Shoshi Gakuen, Shoshi Institute.

Another Door Opened

     One day I read the life of Shigenobu Okuma.  Through the biography of his life I found that he had experienced hard times as well when he dreamed of being a great politician. He was actively doing his job as a young government official, but unfortunately he was fired under suspicion of being involved in an affair.  He was so discouraged, that he lost his dream to be a politician.  One day, however, Azusa Ono, one of his best friends, visited him and said, "Becoming a great politician is not the only way to accomplish what you want to do.  You can teach young people what you think is right.  Why don't you establish a school?"  After hearing these words, Okuma started a project to open a school, which is now known as Waseda University.
    When I finished reading this biography, I realized that there was still something that I could do.  "I can do the same thing he did.  I should establish a school for myself!"  I still believe this was a calling.  Soon I told this idea to my friend, Mogi, who had been working for me for over 5 years.  Of course I knew that I did not have enough money to establish a new school, so we decided to open a cram school or preparatory school as our first step.

     By the time we made a plan to open our school, I had completely forgotten the hard times when I was so depressed.  Now I can knew what I should do.  I immediately started to prepare for our school.  There were lots of things to do: finding a good place for the school, school staff and new students.  We had little money for our project, so we had to do everything ourselves.  Mogi and I tried hard to find a location we could use for class, but we could not find a good one.  We were worried that we would not be able to open a school as we planned.

     One evening when I was on my way home, I saw that ten or more young women were listening to a lecture in a small room in a building.  The building had two-stories and was used as a training school for midwives.  There seemed to be some rooms available, so I asked the manager if I could rent several rooms.  He refused..

     I could not give up this location, so I visited him every day to try to convince him.  He said he could not decide because the building was managed by about ten directors.  I asked him each director's address and visited them one by one.  They were surprised with my sudden visit.  Finally they gave in to my earnest pleas.  I was able to rent three rooms within a year.

     Our first school, Fukushima Preparatory High School, opened on December first of 1959, with only four staff members including myself, and 72 new students.

2019.12. 1 更新





 SB ①~⑥11:30,①②⑤⑥14:30


 SB ①~⑥12:30,①②⑤⑥16:30


 SB ①~⑥15:40,①②⑤⑥18:45


 SB ①~⑥16:15,①②⑤⑥18:45


 SB ①~⑥15:40,①②⑤⑥18:45


 SB ①②A⑥13:00,①②A⑥17:00



①系統 本宮・日和田・富久山・うねめ通り方面
②系統 喜久田・富田・八山田方面
③系統 さくら通り、郡山駅経由、うねめ通り方面
④系統 学校発、静御前通り方面
⑤系統 緑ヶ丘・安積永盛方面
⑥系統 泉崎・矢吹・鏡石・須賀川方面

①系統 本宮・日和田・富久山・うねめ通り方面
②系統 喜久田・富田・八山田方面
⑥系統 泉崎・矢吹・鏡石・須賀川方面
A系統 緑ヶ丘始発、郡山駅発、文化通り方面

⑥系統 泉崎・矢吹・鏡石・須賀川方面
B系統 本宮・日和田・富久山・郡山駅・うねめ通り方面

■下校用 平日【月~金曜日】
●15:40発...月・水・金曜日 ※課外授業実施日は16:35発に変更
①系統「本宮」方面:学校 → (うねめ通り) → 日和田・ 富久山 → 本宮
②系統「喜久田」方面:学校 → 富田 → 喜久田
変形③系統「郡山駅」方面:学校 → (文化通り) → 郡山駅
変形⑤系統「緑ヶ丘」方面:学校 → (南インター線) → 安積永盛駅 → (4号線) → 郡山駅 → 緑ヶ丘
⑥系統「泉崎・矢吹・鏡石・須賀川」方面:学校 → 須賀川市内 → 鏡石駅 → 矢吹 → 泉崎

●16:00発...月・水・金曜日 ※課外授業実施日は16:35発に変更
変形④系統「郡山駅」方面:学校 → (文化通り) → 郡山駅


18:45発 月~金曜日(郡山駅下車の人数が多い場合は1系統で対応)




2019.11.30 更新

Bee Mart ランチメニュー(12月)

12月のBee Martのランチメニューです。

保護者の皆様へのページへ >>

This is the lunch menu of Bee Mart in December.

2019.11.29 更新



男子サッカー部のページへ >>

We have published our December calendar.

2019.11.29 更新



女子サッカー部のページへ >>

We have published our December calendar.

2019.11.28 更新